"From the corner into your ear"
handmade / BMG Rights / Zebralution
  Second album
"that’s right you’re wrong"
handmade / BMG Rights / Zebralution

HBO-Trailer (1)

HBO-Trailer (2)




-- from Dinslaken (Germany) -- supported by the program “Initiative Musik” with project funds from the German Federal Government -- published by BMG Rights Management -- first album on the label (of their producer) handmade, distributed by Zebralution -- played in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and France (Festival in Agen, 10.000 people) -- went on asiatour (Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Peking, Taipeh … and Midi Ocean Festival, 40.000 people)

contact: klmusic@klmusic.de,
Klaus Litzinger, +49-203-477074,